Research & Development


  • The factory is blessed with modern facilities like, biochemistry, biotechnology laboratories & soil science research and development wing.
  • State of art soil testing laboratory is at the helm of our activity and is instrumental in providing soil health cards to organic farmers.
  • Critical analysis of pH, Ec, % N,P, K, Ca, S, Mg, Mn, B, Fe, & Zn contents in soil have provided insight into our product development and soil health care.
  • Contaminant & impurity analysis of irrigable and sewage waters has led to the correction in the pH value by remedies.


  • Isolation, Characterization, Application, Registration & product development of beneficial organisms.
  • Well-equipped ultramodern bioreactors with precision control of temperature & pressure have enabled large scale production of bio-agents.
  • Ultra-modern Microbiology laboratory has facilitated to define and fine tune media requirement of microbial growth cultures.
  • Biotechnology protocols available for the monitoring of cultural growth parameters lead to maintain purity of the products.
  • Stringent product assessment protocols and quantification standards have manifested in critical microbial count requirements according to the statutory standards in marketable samples.
  • Rigid self-life and longevity standards of microbial culture in final products regulated as per the norms.
  • Quantification of colony forming units (cfu) i.e., living microbial population per ml or gm product on wet and dry bases in every batch is ensured.