Energy and Value Added Activities



We have the cutting edge technology implemented throughout the factory. The three large plants are spread over 10 acres of land- fully integrated production facility capable of producing organic manure, liquid fertilizer and NPK in separate production units and having production capacity of 1.44 lac metric ton annually.


  • Green House
    • AOF poly house cultivation is the latest method of farming, in which we can expect more yield with high nutrietive values without much use of harmfull chemical insecticiedes and pesticiedes to get good quality of both seasonal and off seasonal vegitables, fruits and flowers.
    • Polyhouse can be used to provide a higher temperature or humidity than that which is available in the environment but can also protect crops from intence heat bright sun light, winds, hailstones and cold waves.
    • AOF provide best demonistaion to our farmers.

Rain Water Harvesting Facility

Entire factory is provided with rain water harvesting facility. Water is our most precious natural resource and something that most of us take for granted. We are now increasingly becoming aware of the importance of water to our survival . The harvesting of rainwater simply involves the collection of water from surfaces on which rain falls, and subsequently storing this water for later use. Normally water is collected from the roofs of buildings and stored in rainwater tanks then we use this water in aerobic dry fermentation for compost preparation and enhancement activities of organic matters.

Solar System and Biogas Plants

  • Entire premise is lit by solar energy LED bulbs
  • Energy needs of cooking and heating in granulation units are met by biogas units.


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