We are the manufacture’s of the most advanced Neem Coated Organic Granules, dry biofertilizers and liquid bio stimulants.

Amruth organic fertilizers provides extensive manufacturing capabilities on an expansive range of products. Our products are designed to improve soil structure and plant health and increase crop yield qualitatively & quantitively in every aspect in all type of lands & regions.

Bring your own product or Brand concepts to Amruth organic fertilizers manufacturing facility having dedicated support & service along with custom formulation, Packaging, Labeling, Transport & Production services.

We are the pioneer in establishing the world’s most advanced & innovative granular fertilizers customized to your specification & crop specific.

We are experts in helping companies & business make their product concepts come true with satisfaction

Our Granulation production facility provides Neem coated organic granule’s, phosphorous rich organic manure in granules form, Potash derived from molasses as per FCO Standards. Our products are also available with Carrier or Liquid type Bio fertilizers, Bio pesticides, Bio fungicides & Various biological stains as per your specifications to make sure our custom formulation fully benefits to satisfy your market requirements.

Why Amruth organic fertilizers?

  • Quality Assurance
  • State of art Equipment’s and Production Machinery
  • Skilled & Trained Manpower
  • Timely production of products
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customized production facility
  • Sophisticated storage for finished Goods
  • Supervision through the process
  • More than Decade year of Experience in Manufacturing.